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Image by Kelly Sikkema

The Call to Action

The Problem:

Across the nation and world, Black people are disconnected from authentic news and expert information from a Black perspective. 

Moreover, credible Black media is often unfairly censored via the internet, social media and other online networks, giving unfair representation for the voice of Black people.  This creates a disconnect for Black media outlets to reach their base of supporters; the chain reaction causes lower viewership and impression rates when attempting to seek funding.  This is a major problem for content creators seeking funding individually because they do not have the "numbers."

It is no surprise that the Black community overall is behind in technology and innovation--on both sides, Black media, and the Black base of internet users.

The Solution:

The Black Headline News (BHN) channel is a collaborative movement, highlighting the importance of disseminating valuable information to communities across the nation from a Black perspective.  The collective effort gives Black-owned media outlets a unified, safe, platform to connect with online readers, viewers and listeners nationwide, sharing content across the world diaspora, expanding their reach, brand and audience.  This collective effort is also a great bargaining chip for outlets seeking funding opportunities, additional advertising revenue, and audience expansion.

The Black Headline News channel gives online Black media the opportunity to join a movement to deliver authentic, vetted information without unnecessary, unfair censorship through the media platform in various ways:  via other Black media and news media outlets with websites, via the OTT Roku channel, via online radio network, via podcasts, and via nationwide public access TV.

Content creators of news and informative podcasts have a platform to place their content, seek sponsorship funding for their programming while using the viewership and listnership numbers of the collective network.

Advertisers and corporate partners have an opportunity to connect with niche regional and national communities effectively using the collaborative platform to distribute their messaging to diverse audiences.

It's time:  Join the BHN news movement to establish an alliance for incubation and growth within and around the world. 

Begin by starting below; see where your interest lies, and where you feel best in being a part of a cooperative, Black media network of news and information.

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