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Florin Square BHN Special


PLEASE NOTE:  Signing up for this special means you are a business, individual, entrepreneur or organization who resides in Florin Square, located in Sacramento, CA.  This special deal was arranged either through an ambassador or an associate producer.


The Perfect Branding Tool!

For 12 months, once a month, Black Headline News will feature the unique Florin Square businesses, the facility's historical murals, and its community events in an up to 15-minute video.


Have your business highlighted in a video, audio and written news copy featuring Florin Square.  Availability is first come, first serviced; a minimum of 9 and up to 18 businesses can sign up to be featured each month.


Monthly Deadline: 
15th or once spots fill up.

BHN: Florin Square Profile Submission
Representative: B. Jones
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We look forward to servicing your branding priorities!

This form is no longer accepting submissions for this month.

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