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(9-21-22) Missed it live? Watch BHN legal & finance news with Carol Angela Davis on-demand now

One lady has to take the law into her own hands, just to get her casino winnings back


BHN legal and finance anchor, Carol Angela Davis, gives the run down on:

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The cryptocurrency market may be down for the moment, but digital currency is very popular among African American consumers. Crypto is digital currency offered on Blockchain. You’ve heard of that and also those NFTs which is another way to leverage that currency. Right now about 25% of Black investors currently own cryptocurrency, and among Black investors under 40, that number jumps to 38%.

Beyond Flint: Five cities in the US impacted by water inequality.

Jackson, Mississippi

In August, Gov. Tate Reeves declared a state of emergency following heavy rains swelling the Pearl River and damaging the city’s main water-treatment facility.

St. Joseph, Louisiana

For years, the northeastern Louisiana town of St. Joseph has suffered from the impact of crumbling, aging infrastructure. A 2017 report by The Washington Post found that residents admittedly do not drink the water and for good reason. At the time, city officials found extremely high levels of lead in the water exceeding federal limits. At the time, the city budget didn’t have the $8 million needed to make emergency repairs.

Florence, South Carolina

Community leaders in Florence, South Carolina took action themselves after going over two decades with smelly, brown-colored water coming out of their faucets.

Uniontown, Alabama

In 2008, more than a billion gallons of highly toxic coal ash gas burst into the air and water near Kingston, Tennessee. The incident stemmed from a coal-fired power plant and impacted the workers. To clean up the mess, officials allowed the toxic ash to be dumped at a landfill in a small, predominantly Black town in Alabama called Uniontown.

Campti, Louisiana

Much like Florence, South Carolina, residents of Campti, Louisiana avoid drinking the tap water. Some residents use bottled water for drinking and cooking while traveling to the next town over to wash clothes.

The water system is estimated to be over 50 years old and residents have reportedly complained about chlorine being in their tap water for years. The city’s budget prevents the repairs from being made and state budget cuts in 2012 led to the employees who test the water supply to be laid off.

And she was 71 years old when she won the big jackpot at a Michigan why was she then accused of fraud by a bank? Two bar associations are seeking legal professionals and translators to help out some of our newest Haitian immigrants.

The United States is the top global destination for Haitian migrants. Not only do nearly all adults with Haitian ancestry graduate high school—more than half hold a college degree, compared to 42 percent of those born in the United States not of Haitian descent. To help out call the American Bar Association or the National Bar Association.


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