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BHN - A Michigan General Election Review Episode 1: Why should Black people vote?


In episode 1 of the Michigan Election Review, BHN news producer, Julia Dudley Najieb, discusses voting in the state of Michigan with guest, co-host, Rina Risper, publisher of The New Citizens Press. They discuss, "Why should Black people vote," followed by directions on how to register or see if one is eligible to register to vote for the upcoming general elections, Nov. 8, 2022.

The Black vote continues to matter in crucial elections; yet, at the local level, often the Black vote is absent.

In local elections, however, change happens by every counted vote; guest host Rina Risper, publisher of The News Citizens Press, said Black people are often talking about the changes they want to see in how their city is ran--but they have to vote to ensure the right person is elected to represent their living interests and needs.

Thanks to the Michigan Non-Profit Association, Risper has been informing the public on how to register to vote in Michigan, sharing the easy registration method to vote on Black Headline News.

As the general election is approaching Tuesday, November 8, 2022, Michigan residents still have time to register to vote and be a part of the process. Michigan residents wishing to register to vote, please go to this link here. Then use the Michigan Online Voter Registration System to register to vote and update your voter registration address in Michigan. To use this website, you need to have a valid Michigan driver’s license or state ID.

If you don’t have one, find out how to register to vote by going to Registering To Vote.

Michigan residents click pix below to register to vote!


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