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BHN Live: Davis reviews FedEx driver attempted-murder, 8B Education Investment, and economic tsunami


In this episode, BHN news anchor, Carol Angela Davis discusses CFPB under fire, the shoddy investigation of the attempted murder of a FedEx driver, 8B Education investment initiative for African students and Mayor Eric Adam's economic tsunami warning.

The News Stories

(African American Voice)

Some business and bank groups are suing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a watchdog agency which was founded under President Obama to protect consumers from “unfair, deceptive, or abusive practices.” These groups want to stop the CFPB from protecting consumers from racial discrimination when they are seeking mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, bank accounts or other financial services. Who would take such a stand against consumers? Leading the lawsuit is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce....along with the Consumer Bankers Association, Texas Association of Business, and the Independent Bankers Association of Texas.

(Mississippi Free Press)

D'Monterrio Gibson is the FedEx driver who earlier this year narrowly escaped a shooting on his route in Brookhaven, Mississippi in January 2022 while delivering packages for FedEx. His attorney, Carlos Moore, believes the police investigation into the matter was shoddy, including not immediately recovering and looking at the Ring video systems. Moore says the Brookhaven Police Department failed to properly investigate the January shooting and delayed the release of critical documents allowing for the upgraded charges against two Brookhaven men.

(Texas Metro News)

From the Texas Metro News, 8B Education Investments launches a $111,600,000 Initiative To Finance African Student Education, 8B Education Investments connects high-potential African students with world-class colleges and universities, level up their applications, access affordable financing, and connect with career support for job placement. 8B Education Investments is working with Nelnet bank in the first lending program by a United States-based bank to African students enrolled in American schools.

Feature Story:

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is looking to tighten the city's budget, expecting a multi-billion dollar deficit

next year. Mayor Adams says between the local and national economies, financial markets, rising healthcare costs, high energy prices and inflation....economic trouble is on the horizon. In anticipation of what he calls an economic tsunami, mayor Adams is ordering a partial hiring freeze and says 50% of open city government jobs will not be filled.


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