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BHN Sports: Smith reviews morale of HBCU football players losing, fans' racial taunts, and big games

By Alexandria Smith - Black Headline News

BHN sports commentator Alexandria Smith highlights inspiring news addressing a racial taunting incident at a Duke vs. BYU volleyball game; 13-year-old Jaiya Patillo runs all time personal best competing against college athletes; and the NFL's new Diversity in Sports Medicine Pipeline Initiative.

Smith also features a story on HBCU football schedules and the harmful effects of huge dollar games.

Smith reviews the following headlines:

Racial Taunting Nothing New In Sports:

Meet the impressive 13-year-old who competes against college track stars:

How Morehouse Medical Students Joined An NFL Initiative To Increase Diversity In Sports Medicine

Feature story: Fans, Coaches And Schools Question HBCU Football Schedules:

The Stories:

Texas Metro News reported from original source Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder about a racial taunting incident that occurred at a college volleyball game last month at Brigham Young University (BYU) against Duke. A BYU fan and student yelled racial slurs throughout the match to Duke's black players. One of Duke's African American starters, Rachel Richardson, wrote on twitter "No athlete, regardless of their race, should ever be subject to such hostile conditions.” This is followed by a longer statement you can find on her twitter:

Thirteen year-old track and field prodigy Jaiya Patillo is already running competitively at the college level. As reported on Texas Metro News, Jaiya began running track and field at the young age of seven. Now at thirteen, she has earned fourteen Junior Olympic medals and was the 2022 USA Track and Field & Nike National Champion.

This past year Jaiya competed against both college and professional athletes in the open indoor session running a 57.60 in the 400 meters, her fastest time yet.

Recently the NFL announced their Diversity in Sports Medicine Pipeline Initiative. This will allow medical students from four historically black colleges and universities' medical schools to do clinical rotations with the NFL. Medical students at Moorehouse, Charles R. Drew, Meharry, and Howard University may get an opportunity of a lifetime that these students wouldn't typically have. By the NFL beginning this initiative, we should see more diverse practitioners across the sports medicine field.

A few weeks ago the Southern University jaguars took a tough loss to LSU, a predominately white university, with the final score of 17-65. LSU is a much bigger university with a larger and well funded athletic program compared to Southern University. The following week, the jaguars played Texas Southern and took an even tougher and unexpected loss with a final score being 24-0. Fans can't help but to wonder if the players were mentally and or physically injured from the LSU beating. However Willie D. Scott, Southern’s associate director of strategic communications, states this was not the case and he feels that bigger and smaller university match ups are good for both teams.

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