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BHN Talk Radio Show 5-14-24 - FAMU disgraced; who will pay for this mess, what happens now? Geomagnetic storms intensify

By Black Headline News

In this episode, Cheryl Smith, Brigitte Jones and Julia Dudley Najieb talk in-depth about the Florida A&M University (FAMU) incident regarding the $237 million donation to the university from Batterson Farms Corporation CEO, Gregory Gerami, that was not a donation after all. The three news publishers reveal the fallacies that the board members missed in the vetting process. They also review what should be FAMU's next steps moving forward.

In the latter part of the program, the recent geomagnetic storms, tornado outbreaks and Northern Lights---aurora borealis---are explained in detail by experts to give the audience a better understanding of the changes happening on earth and to the atmosphere.


With news publishers, Cheryl Smith, Julia Ann Dudley Najieb and Brigitte Jones, get the latest breaking, political and other news from a Black perspective, new episodes live on Tuesdays: 2:00 PM PST/4:00CST/5:00ST. Encores at 10:00 PM PST/12:00AM CST/1:00AM EST. Listen on demand here or watch shows live here.


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