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BHN Talk Radio Show (5-7-24): Unprecedented storms, Morehouse College invitation to Biden and Louisiana maps are top news

By Black Headline News

In the beginning of this episode, the news publishers focus on the storms happening in the Midwest and southwest of the United States.  

In more breaking news, A map that the Louisiana legislature drew after the 2020 census – which included only one majority-Black district in a state where roughly one-third of the population is African American – was ruled a likely violation of the Voting Rights Act by a different federal court last year.  The news publisher hosts discuss this action.  

In more news, students at Morehouse College, a Black institution, are demanding the university rescind the invitation for President Biden to be the commencement speaker at the graduation May 19, 2024 due to the US involvement in providing arms to Israel for the war on Gaza.  

The following spotlight news item focuses on the history of Black jockeys in the horse racing industry.  At the first Kentucky Derby, in 1875, 13 of 15 jockeys were African American. Between 1890 and 1899, Black jockeys won six Derbies, one Preakness Stakes, and three Belmont Stakes.  They were slowly phased out by 1903 due to the Jim Crow laws in the United States.  

The final news item reviews why African countries can never resolve their debt crisis because the system is rigged against them.  Many African countries stay poor by design.


With news publishers, Cheryl Smith, Julia Ann Dudley Najieb and Brigitte Jones, get the latest breaking, political and other news from a Black perspective, new episodes live on Tuesdays: 2:00 PM PST/4:00CST/5:00ST. Encores at 10:00 PM PST/12:00AM CST/1:00AM EST. Listen on demand here or watch shows live here.


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