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iMPACT News (11-15): Black women entrepreneurs growing; Ye Can’t Sell ‘White Lives Matter’ t-shirts


iMPACT News is a weekly half hour video podcast examining topics trending in the headlines and social media; through a sharp, reality-based lens in an entertaining and informative way.

Check out the following news headline topics in this episode of iMPACT News, with show host, Carol Angela Davis:

Black women entrepreneurs …fastest growing group.

Ye Can’t Sell ‘White Lives Matter’ t-shirts.

The United Nations says the past 8 years were the eight hottest ever recorded – we’ll tell you where the problems are.

A ‘Triple Threat’ Of Cholera, Malnutrition And Violence in this Caribbean nation.

And a Broadway theater named after an African American legend.

Plus international news.

Financial news.

Ask Dr. Kaye.


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