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iMPACT News (11-30): Black brains age faster than others; Smoking marijuana increases lung disease


iMPACT News is a weekly half hour video podcast examining topics trending in the headlines and social media; through a sharp, reality-based lens in an entertaining and informative way.

Check out the following news headline topics in this episode of iMPACT News, with show host, Carol Angela Davis:

Federal judge in Texas ruled that disarming people who are under protective orders violates their Second Amendment rights.

Black brains age faster than White and Latinx people. Why?

Will the Cherokee Nation finally have its non-voting delegate seated in the United States Congress?

Sperm counts are waaaaay down!

Population explosion in eight countries.

Smoking cigarettes and marijuana increase your risk of lung disease.

California’s water wells are drying up and its accelerating.

Drought is affecting the data centers of big tech.

Climate change and drought globally.

Federal government okays dam removal to restore the Klamath River basin.

Persons of Jamaican heritage who won their races in then midterm elections.

The next move of America’s richest Black man.


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