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iMPACT News (2-05-23): FBI joins Jamaica to help probe massive fraud targeting Usain Bolt


iMPACT News is a weekly half hour video podcast examining topics trending in the headlines and social media; through a sharp, reality-based lens in an entertaining and informative way.

Check out the following news headline topics in this episode of iMPACT News, with show host, Carol Angela Davis:

Black Woman who had never been to Texas, arrested for shoplifting in Texas!

Black Woman is $1 million richer after a store clerk in Oregon told her ‘I Don’t Serve Blacks’.

Howard University awarded a $90M Contract by the pentagon.

Rapper Travis Scott has opened applications For $1M in Emergency HBCU Scholarships.

Coca-Cola facing class action lawsuit over high PFAS levels in Simply Orange Juice Products.

Maine farmers worried they won’t be able to defend their crops from pests due to forever chemicals.

267 million people worldwide are at risk from sea-level rise.

Worst impacts of sea level rise will hit earlier than expected.

Scientists develop technique to pull carbon dioxide out of the exhaust flue of power plants.

Concerns about exploitation of Africans arriving in Antigua.

FBI joins Jamaica to help probe massive fraud targeting Usain Bolt.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says Africa will shape the world economy.

Lions kill Instagram famous lion hunter!


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