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Join us for the August 24 official BHN launch; spread the word about BHN's 'call to action'


Black Headline News (BHN) will have an official online launch on Wednesday, Aug. 24, starting at 6 a.m. PST/8 a.m. CST/9 a.m. EST; supporters, fellow journalists, news publishers and the general public are encouraged to pick a "call to action" to help expand the BHN collaborative movement.

Call to actions include: sharing this online article about the launch via social media or email, subscribing to BHN, becoming a video content provider for the network (must be vetted), engaging as a corporate sponsor, commenting on the BHN online posts or to this one, or donating to the movement.

Viewers watching the broadcast in real time online can text their comments of support live during the several hour launch. The live broadcast will feature the BHN team of journalists, anchors, correspondents, commentators and Black press partners. The audience has the opportunity to learn more about the backgrounds of these individuals and Black media entities behind the news.

The launch will also feature community and media partners such as BOBSA who advocates for Black owned beauty supply stores worldwide, BlackTradeLines where the BHN livestream resides on the app and Ethnic Media Services, a national and world-wide first-hand news resource for vetted ethnic media outlets to participate in informative media briefings and panel discussions.

BlackTradeLines is a community economic development project with a social-economic agenda to alleviate poverty within the black community. They have made the 24/7 BHN livestream exclusively available on the Black Trade Circle app people can download for free from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

The BHN information flow is multi-fold

BHN not only highlights the importance of disseminating valuable information to communities across the nation from the Black press perspective, but the collective effort gives Black-owned media outlets a free, unified, safe, platform to connect with online readers, viewers and listeners nationwide, sharing content across the world diaspora, expanding their reach, brand and audience. The Black press partners are vetted members of Black News Link, a media group formed out of the Black Media Initiative (BMI).

BMI is a program funded by The Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York’s Center for Community Media, which is currently moderated by BMI Director Cheryl Thompson-Morton.

The BHN channel also gives video and audio content creators of news and informative podcasts a platform to place their content safely without encountering racially discriminatory censorship. It also allows content creators to seek sponsorship funding for their independent programming while using the viewership and listnership numbers of the collective BHN channel.

Advertisers and corporate partners have an opportunity to connect with niche regional and national communities effectively using the collaborative platform to distribute their messaging to diverse audiences.

It's time: Join the BHN movement to establish an alliance for incubation and growth within and around the world.


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