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Paradigm for Parity CEO on DEI on Wall St.

Yousef Gamal El-Don speaks to the CEO of a company whose sole purpose is to improve female and minority diversity and inclusion on Wall Street

By Black Headline News Wire

"We partner with our companies to develop and promote strategies that transform corporate leadership to assure that women of all races, cultures and backgrounds have equal power and opportunity to advance," stated CEO Sandra Quince of Paradigm for Parity.

Paradigm for Parity represents current and former business leaders including CEOs, CHROs and DEI experts who are dedicated to addressing the systemic gender and racial gaps in the corporate sector.

Quince reiterates that the data is clear that diversity in leadership is linked to improved performance, innovation and creating an inclusive environment where all workers are able to succeed, thrive and advance.

"Women, and particularly women of color, often face barriers to advancing to corporate leadership. Through our programming, best practices, and resources — we provide companies with the intentional actions to elevate multicultural women."

Quince also said that Black women do not get the opportunity to have contact with such industry "According to 2022 McKinsey study, Black women are least likely to have senior-level contact, which is detrimental especially when we look at the importance of mentorship and sponsorship to achieving equity. The study also showed that compared with women of other races and ethnicities, Black women face more systemic barriers, receive less support from managers, and experience more acute discrimination."


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