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The International Truth and Justice Tribunal will present the 'ITJT Preview and Press Event' on BHN

By BHN Newswire

(Atlanta, GA)– The International Truth and Justice Tribunal (ITJT) will stream the ‘ITJT Preview and Press Event’ live to promote its inaugural conference event, The International Belgium-Congo Tribunal, hosted at Emory University. The press conference will stream live on the Black Headline News Virtual Event Center in the Town Hall Room, Thursday, February 23, 2023.

The objective of the ITJT Preview and Press Event is to provide an introduction and overview of the comprehensive conference program, placing noted attention on its central conference program which features a 2-day mock court trial event.

During the preview session, ITJT Committee members with participation by its international research team, plan to discuss the basis for the topics to be presented at the multi-day conference that was rescheduled to October 2023 (please see the ITJT Press Release dated January 30, 2023). The ITJT Researchers, an aggregate team of professional researchers, professors, and academics from the US, Africa, South America, and Curacao, will attend the ITJT Preview and Press Event virtually. “The preview session will be open to students at Emory University and neighboring colleges and universities”, stated Richard Freeman, principal ITJT Committee Member and President of the Joe Beasley Foundation. “We are delighted to report that students have shown an interest in the conference project and hope to engage more students to work with us in an internship capacity.”

The International Truth and Justice Tribunal, a coalition of human rights organizations formed as a collaborative, supported by civic-minded co-sponsors, Emory University, A.D. King Foundation, Delta Air Lines, and The Coca-Cola Company, to present a series of international conferences and mock court trials focused on elevating awareness of the disadvantages facing people of color living in former colonialized nations in Africa and the Americas. The coalition's overriding objective of finding realistic and sustainable solutions that lead to meaningful progress toward international racial equality is of equal importance. The Coalition collaborators are:

· The Joe Beasley Foundation, Inc.

· Africa Community Housing (ACOH)

· The Human Solution International

· We Do Better Relief, Inc.

· Food is Free Washington

As mentioned, the first of the conferences, entitled the ‘International Belgian-Congo Tribunal, will focus on the plight of Congolese people under Belgium rule from 1886 until 1960. The international conference and mock court will also examine the resultant struggles of the people of the current Democratic Republic of the Congo.


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