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Très Beau (9) - Learn about laser hair removal for dark skin tones with Kurnita Wallace

If you missed today's episode of Très Beau live on SpaSho Wellness TV or BHN on Wednesday @ 1p PST, watch it on demand now ...

By SpaSho Wellness TV

Darker skin can take laser treatments, ... just do it before it goes grey or white ...

In episode nine (9) of Très Beau, producer and host, Tiffany Medois talks with licensed esthetician, Kurnita Wallace about the protocols before getting laser treatments, and what to expect.

About Kurnita Wallace

Licensed esthetician and laser tech, Kurnita Wallace, is passionate about educating individuals, especially people of color, about the benefits of laser hair removal.

She discusses how clients can prepare for laser hair removal and why it's becoming the preferred choice over waxing.


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