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Watch the August 24 launch on demand featuring the Black press, BHN partners, and BHN news anchors

Viewers can watch the launch of Black Headline News live now on-demand


The Black Headline News officially launched Wednesday morning, August 24 at 6 AM PST/8AMCST/9AM EST, where viewers watched it live on partnering Black Press websites (Texas Metro News, The New Citizens Press, ONME News, The Bay Area Review, The Westside Story News Channel) and on the Black Headline News (BHN) website. Now viewers can watch it on the linear Roku TV channel if they already have a device, and on the Black Trade Circle app which is free in the Apple store or Google Play store.

The approximately five-hour, online broadcast is also available on PEGMedia for TV distribution nationwide.

Viewers hear from the community partners involved, the origin story of Black Press members who are a part of Black News Link, and more about the BHN news anchors, commentators, and producers.

The launch began with BHN news anchor, Ken McCoy, interviewing Chicago Defender managing editor, Danielle Sanders, followed by publisher, Felicia Palmer, of

Then BHN news anchor, Julia Dudley Najieb featured the BHN community partners: Black Media Initiative at CUNY, director, Cheryl Thompson-Morton, followed by Sandy Close, CEO of Ethnic Media Services out of San Francisco, CA. BHN news anchor, Julia Dudley Najieb also reviewed the roles of partners, BlackTradelines, and Sam Ennon of BOBSA out of San Mateo, CA.

Moving forward, BHN news anchor, Alexandria Smith's interviewed Minnesota hall of famer and award-winning journalist, Charles Hallman of the Spokesman Recorder, followed by BHN news anchor, Brigitte Jones, who interviewed publisher, Mona Davids, of LittleAfrica News out of New York city.


Listen to Part 2 of the Black Headline News Channel launch here:


After BHN news anchor, Julia Dudley Najieb, reviewed the BHN call-to-action request, the launch continued, featuring BHN news anchor, Carol Angela Davis' interviews with publisher, Dana James of Black Iowa News and award-winning journalist, Sheila Solomon of Rivet360 out of Chicago, IL. Then BHN news anchor, Tiffany Medois, interviewed publisher Delonte Harrod of the Intersection Magazine out of Maryland, publisher Rina Risper of The New Citizens Press out of Michigan, and award-winning journalist and NABJ Hall of Famer, Cheryl Smith of the Texas Metro News out of Dallas, TX.

The on-demand video is labeled in sections, where people can go to the parts of the video they would like to see.

If viewers would like to watch it online via linear, TV, please consult to the online TV guide here.


Black Headline News Team


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