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As of April, Black Headline News is now on FAST channel, FreeCast. Here's more information

With the addition of GFNTV at the beginning of 2024, Black Headline News is expanding its viewership globally

By Black Headline News

As Black-owned network, GFNTV now carries Black Headline News (BHN) as of February 2024, BHN is also expanding its offerings globally through FAST channel partnerships.

FreeCast and Info Media Distribution are announcing a partnership bringing BHN to FreeCast’s free streaming service. The African American news and commentary channel joins hundreds of free FAST channels already available on the service, and joins FreeCast as the aggregated streaming platform continues to expand its free channel offering.

Tracy West, FreeCast’s Executive Vice President of Digital Content, discussed bringing the channel to FreeCast: “We’re excited to bring Black Headline News to FreeCast. Our mission has always been about removing some of those traditional barriers and gatekeepers between great content and wide audiences, and that leads to a diverse collection of channels and partners, especially compared to what you might get with a basic cable or virtual pay TV package.”

"We look forward to serving the diverse audiences of FreeCast which is a great distribution partner who understands what it means to reach all segments of our populations with diverse news and cultural programming," said Black Headline News Channel executive producer and founder, Julia Ann Dudley Najieb. "Thanks to FreeCast, now we do not have to wait for Black History Month or another special holiday representing African-Americans or Black people throughout the diaspora. People can turn on their television or mobile devices and get real authentic news and cultural programming from a Black perspective."

FreeCast has over 700+ live, free channels people can access through the free mobile apps, various Smart TV applications, connected TV services and directly online. Viewers can register for a free, FreeCast account to connected their mobile and Smart TV devices and apps here.


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