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Being Heard: Episode 12 - Iowa's school vouchers: 'I view it as theft. I view it as racism'


In this episode of Being Heard: 2 Black Women, Coffee & Conversations (12), the show host talk about the recent "Students First Act" signed into law by Governor Kim Reynolds.

On January 24, 2023, Governor Reynolds signed the Students First Act into law, just two weeks after introducing it in her annual Condition of the State address. The bill makes state education funding available for K-12 students who choose to attend private schools. It also provides public schools with additional categorical funding for students who live in their district but attend private schools, and allows public school districts to use unspent money from some categorical funds to supplement teacher salaries.

However, this voucher system will hurt Black children in the public school system, according to show host Lya and Dana who discuss why.


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