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BREAKING: Kansas City shooting after celebratory Super Bowl parade is said to have derived from personal dispute, according to Kansas City Missouri Police Department press conference

By Black Headline News

Kansas City Union Station photographed in 2010; the shooting took place near the intersection on the bottom left.

KANSAS CITY, Mo.--On February 14, 2024, 23 people were shot in a mass shooting at the west side of Union Station in Kansas City, Mo. One person was killed, and 22 others were injured, including 11 children. The shooting followed a Super Bowl LVIII victory parade for the Kansas City Chiefs. As the Super Bowl celebration was winding down at Union Station on Feb. 14, officers at the event responded to gunfire. Since this moment, the Kansas City Missouri Police Department has been investigating this horrific crime.

Police Chief Stacey Graves said at a news conference today that at least 23 victims have been identified, including a 43-year-old woman, Elizabeth Galvan, who died.

“We are still learning about her, but know that she is beloved by many,” said Chief of Police Graves. “To her family and friends, we are with you and we are working tirelessly to investigate her murder.”

The other 22 victims range in age from 8 to 47, Graves said, adding that half are younger than 16.

Chief Stacey Graves

The shooting occurred immediately after the mid-afternoon parade rally. People attending the rally heard loud pops as the confetti began to fall and thought it was fireworks or a part of the parade. One of the suspected shooters was chased and tackled by attendees.

According to Police Chief Graves, it seems to have been a “dispute between several people that ended in gunfire,” Graves said, noting there is no indication of a “nexus to terrorism or homegrown violent extremism.”

Graves said three people had been detained and an unspecified number of guns recovered by police. On Thursday, a Kansas City police spokesperson told CNN one person who was in custody was “determined to not be involved.” Two juvenile teens remained in custody for further investigation, police said.

Three people were apprehended, two of whom were armed. One of them was tackled by fans, revealing a gun. Two of the three suspects detained were juveniles. One juvenile was released after they were determined to not have been involved with the shooting, while two others remain in custody.

“The law enforcement response was exemplary,” said Graves. “Those in attendance also responded, helped one another and even physically stopped a person believed to be involved in the incident. I want to thank the people who acted bravely yesterday alongside law enforcement. Your selfless act did not go unnoticed.  Thank you, Kansas City. I am angered by what occurred in our city yesterday, but I am thankful for the response.”


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