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'Climate change' is the topic in the media right now since the COP28 worldwide conference began

Can they truly resolve this global emergency by December 12?

From erupting volcanoes, lake-effect snowstorms and back-to-back sizable earthquakes, this past week of disasters foretells more to come: as Buffalo, New York finds itself buried in a lake-effect snowstorm recently, a group of Philippine Islands have been experiencing extreme seismic activity--a 7.6, several 6.9s' and lower sixes have shaken-up that area since Saturday, Dec. 2.

On the other side of the world in East Africa, Tanzania is experiencing the worst flooding ever during its short rainy season; people have lost their homes and their lives.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) which started Nov. 30 and continues thru Dec.12 in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, has been focused on ways to reduce emissions worldwide and halt global warming. They have also discussed collaborating on a global, climate catastrophe emergency fund to help poorer countries suffering from the extreme climatic changes, destroying their lands and livelihood. The conference will continue to put pressure on governments and businesses to take urgent action to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 42 per cent by 2030 to limit global warming or else planet Earth will warm to three degrees Celsius sooner than later.

However, decades of research have proven the contrary regarding reduction of carbon emissions as a solution to reverse the climate-change causes happening worldwide. The climate-change situation is much graver than what some may suspect, according to top scientists and experts who have researched key findings regarding the impending crisis.

These facts were presented this past Saturday, Dec. 2 during a global, online forum broadcasted and translated to over 100 languages and to 180 countries worldwide: “Global Crisis: The Responsibility." The seven-hour conference that caused an emotional impact on the panelists who watched catastrophes in real-time, was also filled with open-source scientific information heavily researched and peer-reviewed studies to address the approaching doom the people on Earth will face before the year 2036, where no changes can be done to reverse the climate catastrophes and calamities that will become more frequent.

Some of these climatic-related catastrophes are already playing out in countries such as Turkey and Afghanistan, where unusual, seismic earthquakes have caused significant human casualties, or in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya where heavy rainfall have led to extensive flooding, or Mexico, where Hurricane Otis caused catastrophic damage to Acapulco unexpectedly and swiftly. And according to a report reviewed in the Nature Journal, from 2018 to 2022, the United States experienced 89 climate disasters that each cost at least $1 billion in damages; these disasters are appearing every three weeks, the report cites. Key scientists are confirming and predicting there are many more of these disasters to come in a higher frequency.

Here are the key areas the Dec. 2 “Global Crisis: The Responsibility” international forum covered:

  • The 27 Years of Independent Research: People were exposed to the multidisciplinary study of climate cataclysms, including studies of other planets and the 12,000-year cycle of climate catastrophes, revealing unfiltered research that's driven by true science, not by political or personal agendas.

  • Confirmed Causes of Climate Cataclysms: People were presented with the investigated story behind climate disasters as the facts and figures were unveiled that defined the Earth's fate in 2024 and beyond.

  • Consequences of Inaction: People were presented with the knowledge to understand the dire outcome of ignoring crucial information relative to their well-being and future generations.

  • The Solutions: Researched solutions were revisited and explained as these viable solutions were presented from a global perspective.

The Dec. 8 Press Conference

On Friday, December 8 at 9:00 AM PST, the press is invited to question experts in reference to the Dec. 2 online international forum, “Global Crisis: The Responsibility. The following experts will briefly address their topics and expertise followed by questions from the media:

Scientist Dr. John Ahn will debrief the attending media on excerpts from the Dec. 2 international forum regarding the confirmed research finding on climate change causes as well as cyclical changes that have happened on other planets such as Mars.

Scientist Dr. Anastasia Pashigreva will address the solid research proof that teams of scientists have discovered regarding the cataclysmic changes happening on Earth and the 12,000-year cycle that is looming.

Olga Schmidt, president of the Creative Society Project, will address the media with the overall vision of the Creative Society Project and its public request to humankind.

About Olga Schmidt

Research journalist, Olga Schmidt, is the president of the Creative Society. The Creative Society Project is an international project that unites people from over 180 countries on a voluntary basis. The goal of the project is to transition, in a legal and peaceful way, within the shortest possible time, to a new creative format of society worldwide, where human life is the highest value.

About Dr. John Ahn

Dr. John Ahn, PhD, MBA, is an expert in climate change, the development of new technologies in the energy sector, chemical processes, and natural sciences. He is a member of the Earth Study Analytical Department of the "Creative Society" project.

About Dr. Anastasia Pashigreva

Dr. Anastasia Pashigreva holds PhD in Chemistry from the Institute of Catalysis, Russia.

Her area of expertise includes new technologies development and materials design.

As a part of the Creative Society scientific community, Dr. Pashigreva leads the collaboration with scientists. She recorded dozens of interviews with experts and researchers from the different scientific disciplines related to climate change, Earth geodynamics, and astrophysics. Dr. Pashigreva coordinates the research in functional and chemical changes in the atmosphere.


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