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Here are season's greetings from the Black Headline News team, wishing everyone a productive 2023


Since its inception, Black Headline News (BHN), has been the depot for podcasts and news from a Black perspective.

News anchors, Ken McCoy, Carol Angela Davis, Alexandria Marie, and Julia Dudley Najieb started broadcasting segments for BHN right after the August 24, 2022 launch of the online channel, (two other hosts will begin in 2023.)

For new viewers and listeners, BHN has a linear channel where people can watch live as well as individual video podcast where people can watch at their leisure and read the attached news story. BHN also has an audio podcast network for listeners and an offline component for public access TV, (to date over 7 million TV viewers from throughout the United States.)

As BHN news anchors prepare for 2023, they also want to thank the supportive, viewing audience, wishing them a warm season's greeting. Below, take a look!

Alexandria “Allie” Marie, is the sports commentator for Black Headline News.

Originally from El Paso, TX, now resides in Austin where she enjoys working out daily, playing intramural sports with friends and outdoor sport activities, such as paddle boarding, with her lovable dog named Jasper.

Still an athlete at heart, Allie began her track and field career at the age of 4, continuing her journey in sports as a talented high school athlete in volleyball, basketball, soccer, soft ball, dance, and tennis.

As a collegiate athlete, Allie was a part of the University of Texas at Austin track and field team.

As an adult athlete, Allie played two years of semi-professional football with the Legends Football League in Texas.

Her love of sports is ever enduring:

“I personally understand the mental and physical commitment it takes to be a great athlete and I admire those who continue this journey throughout the course of life!”-- Alexandria Smith

Ken McCoy is the entertainment and innovations news anchor for Black Headline News.

He is world-wide syndicated photojournalist, entertainment consultant and national speaker. He has lectured nationally and appears frequently on TV ONE CNN,TMZ, TBN, E, FOX and France 24 and the BBC.

His photos have appeared in the Associated Press, GETTY, US, OK! Magazine, People, Vibe and Jet magazine and the California Advocate Newspaper.

Ken has been labeled “The Medias' Media.” He produces the national award winning, Ken McCoy Entertainment Report that airs nationally.

He has been involved with the BET Awards, The Academy Awards and The Grammys for many years.

Carol Angela Davis is an American journalist, television host, producer, writer, satirist and social commentator and a pioneer in online broadcasting.

Carol has the distinction of being one of the first online video bloggers in the U.S. (August 2000). Her Los Angeles based enterprise created an online platform supporting the global distribution of television and film content for hundreds of independent content providers,including celebrities. Carol’s content was curated into several TV channels which aired on Skuy-TY across the United Kingdom. She created the ¡MPACT-Ed! (TM) – Impactful, Measurable, Personal and Collaborative Teaching for Engaging Education– designed to engage students and teach pedagogy through multi-disciplinary life-changing real world active learning experiences; including reality television content and experiences as journalists at the 2012 and 2016 national political conventions.

Previously, Davis was employed in corporate broadcast journalism for both NBC news radio and WGN-TV News in Chicago.

As a former writer, producer and reporter for Chicago’s WGN- TV News and owner of proprietary online daily news programs, It’s About Finance, The Justice System and Vote Across America. Carol was among the first to generate revenue on the web using video based content.

She has interviewed hundreds of CEO’s from the floors of the national financial exchanges.

Separately, she managed national and global media for Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos during the second trial of pop star Michael Jackson, who was acquitted of all charges.

Davis taught journalism at Hampton University and Bennett College for Women and was the Associate Director of Communications at Florida A&M University (FAMU).


• Case Western Reserve University School of Law, Cleveland Ohio, J.D.

• Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, AB Political Science

Julia Dudley Najieb is the general news producer and anchor for Black Headline News.

Dudley Najieb is the chief executive officer and Lennice Najieb is the chief officer of operations for Info Media Distribution (Info-MD) which creates original video content and online news copy to be distributed through its several offline and online news media, video, and audio podcast platforms.

Info-MD is a black-owned media company that has managed and/or owned online media platforms since 1999, initially starting with just AMPTV which expanded to several original, online TV channels under one umbrella in 2009. A few years later, online media platforms, ONME TV, BLENDED TV, BeTuned TV, SpaSho Wellness TV, The Black Collab Wealth Channel and Inner Hero TV, were added with the recent addition in 2022 of Black Headline News.


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