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Très Beau (2) - Watch 'Skin & Body Wellness: A Discussion on Skin Care, Massage and Wellness' talk

If you missed today's new episode of Très Beau live on SpaSho Wellness TV or BHN at 1p PST today, watch it on demand now ...

By SpaSho Wellness TV

Looking past the massage: slow and steady, Terrance Bonner found ways to educate his fellow Mississippi residents on what an esthetician is.

In episode two of Très Beau, producer and host, Tiffany Medois talks with Terrance Bonner about his start in Mississippi, providing services to people not fully aware of the benefits of understanding skin and body health.

From threading eyebrows, to teaching classes on reflexology, Bonner describes his experience as a licensed esthetician and more, providing unique services for clients who have been able to supplement and improve their overall health.

About Terrance Bonner

Terrance Bonner is an Esthetician and Massage Therapist, as well as being an award-winning spa owner. Additionally, he is the best-selling author of the book: “Determination + Core Values=SUCCESS”.

Terrance has been featured in:

Massage Magazine

Skin Deep Magazine

Massage and Bodywork Magazine

New York Weekly

Kivo Daily

And he’s appeared on: ABC, NBC, FOX, The Quintessential Gentleman, and Hero Cosmetics Terrance can be found on SpaSho under The Glam Station and Spa.


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