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Watch or listen on-demand to BHN Talk Radio Show (1-23-24): thoughts on King, New Hampshire primary, U.S. senate race in California and Super Bowl LVIII

Dexter King brings up an important discussion about prostate caner among Black men

By Black Headline News

BHN Talk Radio Show (1-23-24) Pt.1: The death of Dexter King, a 'must' discussion; Haley and Trump are in New Hampshire

In this part 1 segment of  the January 23 Black Headline News Talk Radio Show, news hosts Julia Ann Dudley Najieb and Brigitte Jones review the breaking news regarding the death of Dexter King, followed by the devastating stats of Black men who die from prostate cancer like he did.

In the next part of this segment, news hosts Dudley Najieb and Jones review the New Hampshire primary elections possibilities and challenges.

BHN Talk Radio Show (1-23-24) Pt.2: Cheryl Smith reflects on the past interactions with members of the King family

BHN Talk Radio Show part two reviews the death of Dexter King, revisited by Cheryl Smith, followed by discussion about the Democratic Party's strategy.

BHN Talk Radio Show (1-23-24) Pt. 3: The California U.S. Senate debate was missing key elements about the state

In part three of this episode, news co-hosts Smith, Jones and Dudley Najieb discussed the lack of energy from the Democratic Party to go after the Black vote. Are they taking the Black vote for granted? The news show hosts answer why this is the case.

In the second portion of this segment, Dudley Najieb reviews the fallacies of the California U.S. Senate debate that took place the night before in Los Angeles, Calif. Broad topics in the debate lacked a state focus for concerned voters. Dudley Najieb explains why in this segment.

BHN Talk Radio Show (1-23-24) Pt. 4: Join Black Headline News at the Super Bowl pre-game show; meanwhile, the NFL still has some work to do

In this last segment of this episode, Smith, Dudley Najieb and Jones discuss Black Headlines News' attendance at the upcoming Super Bowl LVIII pre-game show in February.

However, the NFL still has some work to do, and so do the players ... what will they stand for and not stand for? That is the question after Kaepernick took a knee ...


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