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(9-21-22) Missed it live? Watch BHN entertainment news headlines with Ken McCoy on-demand now

Missed the Wednesday debut? Then listen or watch it now

By Ken McCoy - Black Headline News

BHN anchor Ken McCoy gives the latest review of entertainment news. Here is a rundown of those news headlines he covers:

The News Stories:

Homecoming for Maynard Eaton: He graduated in 1971, won eight Emmys and is now a consultant for Hampton University, becoming the first African American local newsman at WVEC – Channel 13 in Hampton.

Juanita Ingram gets crowned Mrs. Universe 2022 in Miami, Florida by the Ms. World Corporation (“MWI”). Over 75 contestants represented countries around the world, Ingram is the first Black Woman to win the title. Ingram is the creator, star, and executive producer of the family-friendly docuseries, The Expats International Ingrams, currently streaming on Amazon Prime and Roku.

Multi-hyphenate entertainer, Solange Knowles. has landed a historic role as New York City's first black female ballet composer. From her third studio album, A Seat at the Table, the album's lead single, "Cranes in the Sky" won the Grammy for Best R&B Performance. The New York City Ballet announced that Knowles has been tapped to compose the music for its Fall Fashion Gala. It is the first time a Black woman will ever compose a score for a production in the Ballet

As film industry veteran, Tyler Perry, prepares for the premiere of his new Netflix film, A Jazzman's Blues, he expresses his concerns for the push for diversity in film and television.

"At Tyler Perry Studios, we train so many people, we’ve brought people in, and they do an amazing job but as soon as people are trained and they know the job," continued Perry, "they’re snatched up to go to some bigger production, which is fine because if you want to find people who know their job, if they can make it at my studio, they can make it anywhere."

"What I don’t want to have is Black people in seats that we weren’t ready for, and then have people that are not Black that were moved out of seats… "

The film, Jazzman’s Blues, takes place in the 1940s in Louisiana; it's about a love relationship during racially tense times.


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