August 24 launch to showcase Black press and BHN community partners, and BHN news anchors

Viewers can watch the launch of Black Headline News live online or thru a later television broadcast


Black News Link

As the official launch of Black Headline News commences Wednesday morning, August 24 at 6 AM PST/8AMCST/9AM EST, viewers can watch it live on partnering Black Press websites (Texas Metro News, The New Citizens Press, ONME News, The Bay Area Review, The Westside Story News Channel) and on the Black Headline News (BHN) website, as well on the free Black Trade Circle app under "livestream." Viewers can also watch the event on the Roku channel if they already have a device.

The approximately five-hour, online broadcast will also be available on PEGMedia for TV distribution nationwide.

Viewers will get a chance to hear from the community partners involved, the origin story of Black Press members who are a part of Black News Link, and more about the BHN news anchors, commentators, and producers.

Below, people can learn more about the background of those organizations and Black Press who will be featured during the launch.

BHN Community Partners

Black Media Initiative

Cheryl Thompson-Morton, a leader in promoting diversity and equity in the news industry, is the Black Media Initiative Director for the Center for Community Media at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY. Thompson-Morton works to support Black media outlets through training, research, convenings, and connecting them to financial resources.

Previously, she was program director for the Lenfest Institute for Journalism in Philadelphia, where she created, launched, and executed several initiatives to increase equity in news media. These include the Lenfest Next Generation Fund, the Community Listening and Engagement Fund, and the Philadelphia News Ecosystem Collaboration Grant Program.

Thompson-Morton also led Lenfest’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy, focusing on individual support to journalists of color, investment in news organizations owned by people of color, and newsroom collaboration programs.

She earned a business administration degree from Drexel University, where she graduated summa cum laude with a 3.93 GPA.

Ethnic Media Services

Sandy Close started her career covering China and Vietnam as an editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review in the mid-1960s.

She also founded the Oakland Flatlands, an inner-city weekly which she ran in 1965-66. She became editor of Pacific News Service in 1974 and was a pioneer in developing youth media, including YO! Youth Outlook, and The Beat Within, weekly writing workshops in juvenile halls.

In 1996, she founded New America Media, the first and largest collaboration of ethnic news organizations. Her work has received several awards, including a MacArthur Foundation “Genius Award” and the 2011 Polk Award for Career Achievement. In 1996, a film she co-produced, Breathing Lessons, won an Academy Award for best short documentary.

She founded Ethnic Media Services in 2017 to continue her work amplifying and elevating the voices of ethnic media.

BOBSA's Mission

Black-Owned Beauty Supply Association (BOBSA) president, Sam Ennon said his organization is the nation's largest Black-owned beauty suppliers. BOBSA's mission is to establish African American and Black Owned Beauty Supply Stores national and internationally. We are advocates for Black institutions that depend on beauty supply stores and their distribution networks for support to operate competitive hair care services for the Black community.

Twenty years ago, hair care products aimed at African American consumers were supplied by small companies and sold through independent beauty and barber stores. While that is still often the case, some of those small manufacturers have now become divisions

of large corporations such as L’Oréal and Procter & Gamble Co., two key players in ethnic personal care today.

African American hair care products represent about 40% of the total category and according to industry suppliers in the business, hair care is ripe for a big year.

There are also a large percentage of women in transition from relaxed to natural hair, BOBSA provides a wide selection of hair care products targeting women seeking to purchase natural products. Among African Americans both physical and cultural factors influence purchasing decisions of such products as hair care items.

Blacktrade Lines

BlacktradeLines is a company that uses digital technology as a platform to empower African American Owned Businesses.

The Black Trade Circle app, available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, is a global business, social & trading network, as a Black community economic development project.

Black Trade Circle is one of the Black Trade Lines app family. The Black Trade Lines app's main focus is to encourage trade within the Black community to help alleviate poverty.


Black Press to be featured in launch

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