iMPACT News (10-18): HBCU students in accident, Mississippi GOP disrupts, Jamaica’s economy on fire


iMPACT News is a weekly half hour video podcast examining topics trending in the headlines and social media; through a sharp, reality-based lens in an entertaining and informative way.

Check out the following news headline topics in this episode of iMPACT News, with show host, Carol Angela Davis:

A tragic accident involving Hampton University students.
Elon Musk and Kanye West – a recipe for disaster – for African Americans.
No one really trusts the U.S. Supreme Court anymore.
Wait until you hear who the Mississippi GOP is endorsing!
Looking at the diaspora - Jamaica’s economy is on fire!
In financial news,
Honda is building a new plant in Ohio.
In in our international report…. news of slipping economies and it not just the U.S.
Dr. Kaye Davis with more on breast cancer prevention.