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The New Citizens Press Review (10-13-22) Episode 1, publisher, Rina Risper shares upcoming stories

Publisher Rina Risper reflects on her trip to Tulsa Oklahoma, Los Angeles, Calif. city council uproar and new historical movie,"Emancipation" featuring Will Smith


In this episode one (1), of The New Citizens Press Review, publisher and show host, Rina Risper, reflects on her trip to Tulsa and the latest upcoming news in the next issue.

Risper also chimes in from a sociological perspective, what's happening in Los Angeles, Calif. in regard to city council members' racially discriminatory comments in a secret recording releases to the public who became outrage, urging these elected officials to step down.

Finally, Risper reveals the history behind new movie, "Emancipation," featuring Will Smith. Smith portrays a Black slave who was a real figure in American history; the infamous picture of a former slave with his back severely scarred from viscous beatings and lashings.


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